Texas Two Step Line Up Announced


texas two step

Texas Two Step festival has been announced and is packed with a bunch of new and upcoming bands that every heavy music fan needs to know about! The Texas metal and hardcore scenes are booming. Many bands are releasing new material and pushing heavy music to a new level, and now is the time to pay attention to its growth! This is the first year of this three-day festival.

Local and touring bands from all over the United States will be showcasing the heaviest and meanest sounds of the underground. The chances of discovering a band that you will like are very high at this three-day fest. If you're local to the area, make sure to mark this date down. If you have to make a drive then do it.

This year's festival is taking place at Killer Tacos in Denton, TX. It will be packed, sweaty, and a fun time. Tickets are on sale now! It is a limited capacity venue so buy them now and ensure your admission! More bands will be announced in March, but for right now all the events details are provided in the links below so check them out!

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