Voice Of The Underground

Underground music has always lacked a media source that can help the listener discover new artists while informing fans of the current music industry. The ways of discovering new music have changed completely over the last ten years. Television and radio stations used to be the best means of discovering new artists, but both have become commercialized and repetitious, and now only cater to specific genres. Social media platforms have helped fill the gap between the artist and the fans in the demise of television promotion, but have proven that social networking is not the easiest way to discover music. Magazine companies and other major music media sources have helped underground artists reach new fans over the years, but what about the many deserving artists they fail to cover? Why can't they provide opportunities to every deserving band with good music? Well, the answer is simple.

Record labels and management companies pay to run their ads to help gain exposure. This tactic is smart and helps advertise their product to a general market, but the problem with this is specific corporal entities gain control of the media, which closes the door on many hard working and talented artists looking to reach out to the general fans of music.

Voice of the Underground will not shut out any deserving band. We will do our best to inform fans of the current music scenes while providing the same opportunities to up and coming artists. The idea is everyone will be treated equally. We believe that underground bands are the future of the industry and should be promoted the same way as the industries top draws. We hope to be that platform. We will not cater to anyone in specific, but we will make sure to create a presentation that is fair to everyone. This new way of thinking will help the general listener discover artists they would have never given a chance, and give them a new experience that no other media source has provided before.

Voice of the Underground will be informing fans of new releases, upcoming tours, and news from around the music scene. We will provide opportunities for unsigned bands. We will help promote album releases, debut songs, promote tours, and write articles to inform fans of their background and hard work. Also, we will be naming an Underground Band of the Month. Fans will be able to vote and suggest who they think The Underground Band of the Month should be each and every month. We want to make discovering new artists fun again. If you know of a hard working and deserving band, please add them into the nominee box.

If your band wants to be promoted by Voice of the Underground contact us at: Votu.contact@gmail.com